Wedding Recovery

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weddings are so much fun! Food, friends, family, dancing, laughing, and love (lots of love). Last weekend, one of my best friends got married. It was absolutely beautiful! I had a blast, and it was such a joy to see her so happy. Just look how cute they are. (I apologize for the horrible picture quality.)

Me and the Hubs. 

Despite how wonderful weddings are, they can also be pretty tiring. I spent the entire next day recovering from our exciting weekend. 

There are so many ways to unwind after a busy week, and one of my favorite tools to use is my oil diffuser. My favorite combo lately has been the Sacred Mountain blend with Lavender. Diffusing essential oils sets a mood of relaxation in my home. It is perfect when your mind and body needs a little pick-me-up.

Another thing I love to do is put on a facial mask. These days I have been using a Mario Badescu mask. It helps give my face a fresh, clean, and rejuvenating feeling. It is the perfect reset button.

I also do not cook when I am in recovery mode. Cooking means dirty dishes which means a dirty kitchen which means I have to clean. Any other day this would be acceptable, but after an eventful week, we like to order take out and be lazy. 

Our bodies and minds can only handle so much, and we have to take care of them. I think it is so important to give myself a break when life has been hectic. It helps me keep my sanity.

The Story Behind the Blog

Sunday, June 14, 2015

When I graduated high school, I decided I wanted to start a blog. I think the original decision stemmed from all of the changes that were happening in my life at the time. My friends and I were all venturing off to different colleges, and my only really close friend attending my college at the time was Gabe. Gabe is hands down my best friend, but there are somethings he can't relate to. I didn't have anyone to talk to about girl things. Thus, the blog was born.

In the beginning, the name of the blog was Breakfast At Tifani's. As an unmarried college student, I had a lot of alone time, and most of my blogging was all about me and my thoughts. Over the past year, my life has been in the midst of a major transition. After getting married and moving in with Gabe, I really felt myself out growing my blog. I felt that it didn't fit me any more. I have honestly even struggled with keeping it going a lot over the past year.

Today, the blog is in a season of transition. One major change to my blog is the name. Barefoot Bungalow seems much more fitting for my life now. Gone are the days of rooming with strangers in even stranger dorm rooms. Instead, my life consists of building a life with my little family. Here at Barefoot Bungalow, I hope to give readers a small glimpse of how we live each day. Our home is a place were we can laugh, learn, and live out our days in barefooted (Is that a word?) joy. Each day we learn something new about ourselves and each other, and each day is one to be remembered. I want to thank you for joining us on this journey.

How to Know If You Are A Social Introvert

Thursday, June 4, 2015

You are a great listener.
You may not be the life of the party, but you are a fantastic listener. Friends often feel like they can talk to you, and you will truly understand them.

You will make an appearance at a party. When invited to a party, you will make an appearance and say, "Hello" to your friends, but you will most likely sneak out of there as soon as you get the chance. 

You normally do not initiate hanging out with friends. You may love spending time with certain friends, but you might not always initiate a get together. 

You are not afraid of alone time. If you lean a little more towards the introverted side, you probably do not mind or even enjoy spending some time alone. 

Being social can exhaust you. As an introvert, socializing can be a lot of work. Too much stimulation from others may wear you out and become quite exhausting.

You have awkward moments often. For many social introverts this is true, but even then, you are not completely socially awkward. You can hold a conversation and make eye contact like a pro, but every now and then, something awkward slips off of your tongue.

You are not afraid of silence. So many people are afraid of silent moments, but not you. You don't mind letting quietness drift into your homes or conversations. 

You are not the life of the party. As a social introvert, you participate in discussion, but you hardly ever draw all of the attention to yourself. You are a quiet observer that inserts comments only when necessary. 

As a social introvert, you are content, humble, and thoughtful. Instead of wishing you were undeniably extroverted, embrace your quiet heart and gentle spirit. Life would be too noisy if we were all extroverts. 

How to be the Worst Wife in the History of the World

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I currently have approximately 11 months and 20 days of wifely experience under my belt, which pretty much makes me an expert on this topic. I have burnt meals, had a dirty house, and struggled endlessly with wife life for almost one whole year now. I may not be able to give you a guide on how to be the best wife, but I sure can tell you how to be the worst wife....ever. 

Complain. Like all the time.
I am sure your husband loves might like to hear your opinions about everything, but that doesn't mean we should overwhelm them with endless complaints about everything. If your husband thinks you are unhappy, he might assume that he is failing at his job. 

Belittle your husband every chance you get. 
Heard of the book Love and Respect? Our husbands need us to respect them. We can diminish any chance at that when we belittle everything they say and do. They don't need us to point out every dumb thing they do/say, and trust me, you will both do/say many ignorant things to each other. 

Boss him around.
There is nothing that makes a man feel less manly than a wife that bosses him around. There will be times when you will think that if you do not boss him around that things will never get done. Trust me when I say that we need to let them make their own mistakes. They are still learning, too. 

Say, "I told you so!" when he messes up.
As the leader of your home, your husband has a lot of responsibility. With that responsibility comes a lot of decision making. Let me prepare you for what happens next... He WILL make mistakes. There WILL be bad decisions that might greatly effect your household, but it is our job to respect each decision and meet him with tons of grace. Saying, "I told you so!" will only make the situation much worse. 

Tell him how you think he should lead you.
Please remember that your husband is new at this, too. He has never had to lead a woman before. Give him some room to figure it out, and don't set standards of how you think it should be done. If God wanted me to be the leader of my home, he would have made me a man. God knew what he was doing when he put the man in charge. 

Marriage is easily the hardest challenge I have been given in life, and I have fallen on my face so many times. I am so thankful for a Savior who has and continues to show me grace in all of my failures. I pray that He would continue leading you and I to be the best wives that we can be, and that we would never forget to cling to his amazing grace.

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