Why You Should Have More Than One Best Friend

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A few months after coming to college, I was having lunch with some girls from my high school. We were talking about something high school related, when one of the girls mentioned that she wished she could go back. The other girls quickly affirmed that they would also love to return to their high school glory days. At that moment, I thought I might actually spit out my lunch in surprise. High school? For real? No ma'am, no ham, no turkey!! Not a chance! Not if I was paid. Not if I could stay young forever. Never would I ever go back to high school.... In a million years....

Okay, so maybe I am being a bit dramatic. It wasn't all bad. Memories were made, but most of all, lessons were learned. I learned some hard and hurtful lessons about friendship. The main lesson being the importance of having as many best friends as the Lord will give you.

I started high school with one best friend. We were a dynamic duo. For a while, I loved everything about our friendship. We were so open with each other, that we were like sisters. I put a good amount of my energy, time, and effort into that friendship and that friendship alone. Sure I had other friends, but I clung to this one. There are many times that I don't know what I would have done without that friendship. We encouraged each other, and spent many hours pointing each other to Christ, but that same dedication and devotion is what made it hurt in a very real way when our relationship fell to pieces. I thought she was the only girl I could relate with. It was the only friendship that I had truly invested in through the duration of our relationship. When she wasn't there anymore, I felt so alone. I had lost my best friend, and I honestly felt like I lost a chunk of myself.

Immediately after this friendship was left in shambles, I began grasping frantically for a "best friend". I had this mind set that I had to have a right-hand-man, a partner in crime. Not just your generic, run of the mill friend that you eat lunch with everyday, but the type of friend who knows your secrets and inside jokes. The friend who knows what you are thinking just based off of the smirk on your face. I wanted what I had before, and it seemed like all of my friends already had that with other people.

When I found a new friendship to pour into, it didn't take me long to get back to my old ways, and it didn't take long for that relationship to fail, too. I couldn't understand why my best friends were failing me and leaving me empty handed.

Looking back, the problem was all mine. My heart hurts to think about all of the other wonderful, sweet friendships I missed out on because of my blindness. I was so focused on clinging to one best friend so that I had some one to dress up with on Twinkie Day once a year, that I set myself up for loneliness. I had many great friends in high school, and I just wish I had spent more times making them all my best friends.

The truth is that a good friendship can be so sweet and so full of love, but it is easy to let yourself get so caught up in one of these friendships that you lose sight of all the other amazing women around you. So to the girl who only keeps only one best friend, you are truly missing out.

Not a day goes by lately that either myself or my husband doesn't remind the other that we are each others best friend. Nothing makes my heart happier than looking over at my sweet husband and knowing that he is truly my best friend. We share secrets that no one else knows, talk about our hopes, and dream big for the future. We have a special bond. Although that is definitely my deepest bond (as it should be), I also have multiple girls that I consider best friends. I cherish the time I spend with each one of them, and I thank God that He allowed me to learn from my friend failures in the past. I feel so lucky to not have a best friend, but instead many best friends. Please learn from my lessons. Laugh a lot, make sweet memories, and let brotherly love continue. Open your arms and allow yourself to touch more than one heart at a time.


DIY Chalkboard Tray

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

There is something so comforting about enjoying a lit vanilla scented candle on a lazy, rainy afternoon. I have been wanting to create a pretty piece to display on my coffee table for a good while now, and it wouldn't be complete without a comforting candle, resting on a comforting reminder that "It is well". What a great reminder that I serve a God who can calm any storm, carry me through any hardship, and comfort me through life! He is so good!

I made this chalkboard tray with the help of a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and a few spare dollars. It was an easy afternoon project that brings just a little more comfort and beauty to our living room!

plain wooden tray
chalkboard paint
acrylic paint
paint brush
painter's tape

To begin, paint the edges and handles of the tray with an acrylic paint of your choice. Then, allow the paint to dry and tape around the inside of the tray to prepare to paint the inside with chalkboard paint. Paint the inside of the tray with chalkboard paint, and allow to dry before removing the tape. This was such an easy project, and the result was exactly what I wanted!


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