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There are many products in our lives that we tend to use out of habit and necessity. We grab the items at the grocery store that smell the best, and appeal to our eyes. For years I grabbed Secret brand deodorant off of the shelf on a regular basis. This was an item I could not live without. And trust me, you wouldn't want me to.

The problem is that many of the ingredients in these drugstore products are questionable carcinogens and allergens. Most deodorants from the drugstore, including my old favorite Secret deodorant, contain talc, aluminum, added fragrances, and more! Something about rubbing those things on to my armpit right next to my lymph nodes just doesn't sit right with me. But are there really all natural products out there that hold up all day long?

The first "healthier", non-aluminum deodorant that I purchased was Nourish Organics in the scent Wild Berries (I have since discontinued this deodorant because it contains added fragrances). I am pretty sure my coworkers hated me the week I started using this product. An hour into the day, my body odor was noticeable, and with summer quickly approaching, this was not okay! In the meantime, my hands landed back on the drugstore alternatives. I purchased more all natural products that still did not hold up to my body odor. After a miserable (for my husband) trip to the zoo in the southern heat, I knew there had to be a better answer for this B.O.

Enter armpit detox.

Seriously, don't stop reading! After some research, I found that our armpits need to be detoxed of all of the nasty chemicals before the all natural deodorants will work.

Underarm Detox:


2 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
coconut oil or water to desired consistency

Combine bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Add in coconut oil or water until you reach a paste consistency. Once pasty, rub the mixture on underarms and allow to dry. Once you begin to smell an odor, rinse off the paste and apply an all natural deodorant. Repeat this process once you begin to smell body odor again. Your healthier deodorant will begin to last longer as the toxins from your old deodorants are pulled out. Be patient, and trust me! It works! Eventually, your deodorant will last all day long!

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